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With over a decade of drumming experience playing venues up and down the country, Adam has developed a wealth of knowledge that he is passing on to his students.


In the private 1 to 1 lessons students will cover a wide variety of musical genres and drumming exercises to create a fun experience and a well-rounded professional musician.

  - Testimonial -


"I had a set of 4x1-hour beginner drum lessons with Adam while I was in Newcastle. I absolutely enjoyed the lessons. I liked his professional approach and insightful explanations. I felt like he really tailors the lessons to your needs and your progress. I hope I can find such a kind and supportive drum teacher in my city as well."

 - Testimonial - 



"As an adult, going from complete novice on a kit to being able to jam along to some of my favourite tunes, in a relatively short amount of time, has been incredible.  Adam is a fun, exacting and patient teacher, who really knows his stuff.  Whenever I've been going into a lesson and seen students coming out, I can see that other people love Adam's lessons too."

// INFO //

Lessons are proudly located at the Northern Music Centre, an establishment that has dedicated itself to offering private tuition to the people of the North East for over twenty five years. 

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